Industrial Defender Launches Phoenix: A Quick-Start OT Visibility & Security Solution for Small to Medium Sized Operations

Phoenix addresses the critical need for smaller operators to secure their operations with an easy-to-use and cost-effective OT security solution.

Foxborough, MA – April 4, 2023 – Industrial Defender, the leading provider of OT asset data and cybersecurity solutions for industrial organizations is excited to announce the launch of Phoenix, an innovative OT security solution tailored to the needs of small-to-medium sized businesses (SMBs).

Phoenix is revolutionizing how smaller industrial organizations approach OT security by providing quick, comprehensive visibility into all their OT assets and their associated cyber risks. By providing a solution that is easy to deploy and cost-effective, Phoenix enables SMBs to overcome resource barriers and secure their operations effectively.

"From ransomware campaigns to nation-state attacks, cyber threats against industrial organizations have never been higher. Attackers are increasingly targeting operational technology, and smaller organizations are especially vulnerable due to their limited resources,” said Jay Williams, CEO of Industrial Defender. “SMBs often believe they wouldn’t be targeted, but all users of operational technology are at risk of cyberattacks, whether they are the intended target or just caught in the blast radius. Cyber incidents are crippling for small businesses, and Industrial Defender is excited to launch Phoenix as a solution to help protect their operations."

Plants and factories of all sizes rely on control systems, sensors, and software to drive their operations. These systems make up the OT attack surface and can be difficult to track and monitor for security issues. Due to the unique operational requirements of OT assets, popular IT solutions cannot be used to monitor and secure them. Meanwhile, other OT security solutions in the market today are geared toward major critical infrastructure operators and large manufacturers, and their high cost and complexity to deploy and manage make them unsuitable for SMBs.

Phoenix is a simplified, all-in-one solution specifically designed for small to medium-sized businesses struggling with limited resources and budget. Suited for environments with up to 200 endpoints, Phoenix provides a quick, automated view of all OT assets and vital endpoint information including:

  • Device type, make, model and serial number
  • Software and firmware
  • User accounts
  • Ports and services
  • Configuration details

Phoenix provides a quick on-ramp to asset discovery by monitoring network communication. In addition, Phoenix combines passive means with agentless and active discovery methods for an enhanced, more comprehensive dataset. Phoenix also enables Security Event Management by providing event log data, Network Analytics through network monitoring and visibility into communication flows, and Enterprise Integration with flexible APIs.

"Just because operators have smaller footprint facilities, whether a specialty manufacturer, a water treatment site, or a micro power generator, it does not mean they should operate with a blind spot to their cyber and business risks. We are proud to support SMBs in the important role they play in fueling our economy and advancing our quality of life," said Williams.

Phoenix is available at flexible and cost-effective pricing options that provide the right fit for small to mid-sized environments. Even as needs and operations expand, Phoenix is an effective starting solution that can be scaled into a network of enterprise-grade solutions to enable future growth. Now any organization can achieve situational awareness and enhance the security and resilience of their industrial operations.

For a product demo and more information about Industrial Defender’s Phoenix solution for protecting small to medium sized operations, please visit:

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