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Industrial Defender Launches CopilOT Service™ to Address Cybersecurity Talent Shortage for Critical Infrastructure Companies

CopilOT™ provides a specialized team of analysts to summarize security issues and recommend best practices, allowing internal teams to focus on strategic initiatives.

Foxborough, MA, February 10, 2021 — As the volume, variety, and sophistication of cybersecurity threats increases, smaller critical infrastructure companies struggle to maintain security operations centers staffed with highly skilled personnel and resources due to a shortage of cybersecurity talent, as well as budget constraints. To help correct this problem, Industrial Defender, a pioneer in operational technology (OT) security, today announced that they will offer a managed service to help regional utilities, ports, and facility management teams better leverage the Industrial Defender platform to assess and remediate risk in their OT environments.

Armed with in-depth knowledge and expertise in industrial control system cybersecurity, Industrial Defender’s team of engineers and analysts use data from Industrial Defender to help companies apply cybersecurity best practices, manage device configuration changes and streamline regulatory compliance, without taxing in-house resources. The offering includes the deployment, maintenance and support of Industrial Defender infrastructure, and a weekly review of log, event and audit data in a report summarizing critical issues and cybersecurity recommendations.

“The CopilOT Service™ will not only enhance our customers’ cybersecurity defenses, but will also lower their total cost of ownership and maximize ROI from their deployments”, said Jim Crowley, CEO at Industrial Defender, “This offering will be especially important for industries who are just getting started with OT cybersecurity, such as maritime companies and organizations with complex building management systems.”

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