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Industrial Defender and aDolus Partner to Secure ICS Supply Chain with Independent File Validation

aDolus and Industrial Defender announce a partnership to mitigate the risk of supply chain attacks in ICS environments.

NANAIMO, BC, CANADA, January 18, 2021aDolus Technology Inc., a global authority on software intelligence for the critical infrastructure software supply chain, today announced its partnership with Industrial Defender, a pioneer in operational technology (OT) security. The collaboration will mitigate the risk of supply chain attacks in ICS environments.

aDolus provides a platform called FACT™ for brokering security information regarding Industrial Control System (ICS) and IoT software and firmware. FACT aggregates information on software created by manufacturers of intelligent devices used in regulated and critical industries. Industrial Defender’s products are now included in the FACT platform, allowing their customers to apply product updates with the assurance that the files they are using are genuine, tamper-free, and Industrial Defender-approved.

“The software supply chain is an extremely attractive target for attackers because a successful supply chain attack yields access to so much more than the initial victim. SolarWinds is a perfect example of how bad actors needed to compromise only one company to go on to affect over 18,000 organizations, including US government agencies, the US military, and most of the Fortune 500 companies,” said Eric Byres, CEO of aDolus and inventor of the Tofino Firewall.

Industrial Defender ASMⓇ and Building Defender™ protect the availability and safety of ICS and building management systems respectively. They allow asset owners to manage all their core cyber security and compliance tasks from a single application. By registering these products on the FACT platform, Industrial Defender is protecting its customers from these supply chain attacks by providing independent authentication of packages prior to installation.

“By joining aDolus’ FACT community, Industrial Defender continues to invest in supply chain security,” says Jim Crowley, CEO at Industrial Defender. “This independent validation of our files prevents attackers from trying to exploit the trust between us and our customers. It’s also a critical tool to help our customers demonstrate compliance with supply chain regulations, such as NERC-CIP-013-1,” he adds.

About aDolus Technology Inc.
aDolus Technology Inc. is the global authority on software intelligence for critical infrastructure. Our AI technology correlates information from diverse sources about ICS, IIoT, and IoT firmware and software to provide continuous assurance that packages (and all their subcomponents) are legitimate, tamper-free, and safe to ship and install. By working together to secure the software supply chain, we can create a safer, better world. Learn more at

About Industrial Defender
Since 2006, Industrial Defender has been solving the challenge of safely collecting, monitoring, and managing OT asset data at scale, while providing cross-functional teams with a unified view of security. Their specialized solution is tailored to complex industrial control system environments by engineers with decades of hands-on OT experience. Easy integrations into the broader security and enterprise ecosystem empower IT teams with the same visibility, access, and situational awareness that they’re accustomed to on corporate networks. They secure some of the largest critical control system deployments with vendors such as GE, Honeywell, ABB, Siemens, Schneider Electric, Yokogawa and others to protect the availability and safety of these systems, simplify standards and regulatory requirements, and unite OT and IT teams. Learn more at