Industrial Defender partners with OEMs, security and technology vendors to provide the most complete asset visibility and security solution for complex industrial control system environments. Some of our partners include:

As one of the leading OEMs for critical infrastructure companies, we work closely with GE to deliver secure industrial control system deployments.

Our strategic partnership with Schneider Electric delivers cybersecurity solutions to the electric utility industry.

ABB has partnered with Industrial Defender to deliver security, compliance and change management automation for their line of industrial devices.

Our joint customers get real-time visibility into firewall rule changes, critical network settings, and compliance reports in a single platform.

Our integration with Splunk helps cybersecurity teams quickly and precisely diagnose security threats with contextual data like events of interest, configuration changes and vulnerabilities

We help security teams make smarter decisions about emerging threats by simplifying patch and vulnerability management.

Safely and unidirectionally transmit industrial asset data from control systems to cybersecurity teams.

Using the CyberArk vault, our customers eliminate the task of continually updating passwords at the ASA to reduce administrative overhead.

Our partnership with Arcserve ensures business continuity with comprehensive backup and disaster recovery for their OT systems.

Our strategic partnership with DeNexus delivers a holistic solution to assess and reduce the financial implications of cyber risk.

aDolus’ independent validation of our files helps secure the ICS supply chain and demonstrate compliance with supply chain regulations, such as NERC CIP-013.

Technomak is Industrial Defender’s ASM deployment partner for critical infrastructure in the Middle East region.

This collaboration unites Industrial Defender’s comprehensive industrial asset data with aeSolutions’ highly skilled team of process safety and cybersecurity engineers.

Simplify cybersecurity for complex ICS environments with 100% packet-level traffic to acquire asset data and continuous network monitoring.

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Partner News

Industrial Defender ASM for Splunk App Delivers Deeper Contextual Data for Faster Response to Security Events

The Industrial Defender ASM for Splunk app increases the effectiveness of using Splunk in OT environments by providing detailed asset information to quickly identify and mitigate potential cybersecurity issues.

Partner Brief: Splunk

The Industrial Defender for Splunk app solves complex OT security data challenges by delivering security data events with deep asset context to analysts, so they can quickly identify and mitigate potential cybersecurity issues.

Partner Brief: CyberArk

Learn how Industrial Defender combines with CyberArk Secrets Manager® to securely manage endpoint credentials.

Industrial Defender and aeCyberSolutions Join Forces to Elevate OT Cybersecurity Assessments for Energy and Maritime Companies

This partnership unites Industrial Defender’s comprehensive industrial asset data with aeSolutions’ highly skilled team of process safety and cybersecurity engineers.

Rand McNally Selects Industrial Defender to Secure Its Industrial Internet of Things

Industrial Defender will deliver comprehensive IIoT asset management and rapid threat detection for Rand McNally’s cyber-physical systems.


Industrial Defender and Technomak Partner to Secure Critical Infrastructure in the Middle East

Organizations in the Middle East will benefit from Industrial Defender’s comprehensive OT security and compliance platform as part of Technomak’s award-winning engineering services.


Industrial Defender Launches CopilOT Service™ to Address Cybersecurity Talent Shortage for Critical Infrastructure Companies

CopilOT™ provides a specialized team of analysts to summarize security issues and recommend best practices, allowing internal teams to focus on strategic initiatives.


Industrial Defender Establishes IT-OT Integration Lab to Virtually Research, Develop and Evaluate ICS Cybersecurity Technologies

The IT-OT Integration Lab eliminates traditional physical and economic barriers to experiencing ICS security technologies for Industrial Defender’s end users and trusted partners.


Industrial Defender and aDolus Partner to Secure ICS Supply Chain with Independent File Validation

aDolus and Industrial Defender announce a partnership to mitigate the risk of supply chain attacks in ICS environments.