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In The News

See the latest ICS cybersecurity news items featuring the Industrial Defender team.

Podcast: CS2AI Becoming an Effective Leader in Technology Control Systems

In this episode of the (CS)²AI Podcast, Industrial Defender CEO Jim Crowley shares his fascinating journey into the world of cyber security. He explains the ingredients that contributed to Industrial Defender becoming a leader in the cybersecurity space.

Video: Digital Anarchist Interviews CEO Jim Crowley On National Security Directive

President Biden’s new national security directive aims to boost defenses against ransomware attacks and the hacking of critical infrastructure. In this video, Jim Crowley of Industrial Defender discusses what Biden’s new infrastructure and cybersecurity bill means for the industry.

Executive Q&A: Cyberattack Warnings and Trends

Are cyberattacks more common over holiday weekends? What do you need to know about cybersecurity trends? Industrial Defender CEO Jim Crowley shared his insight with us.

The Need to Protect Digital Infrastructure Highlights This ETF

Building out digital infrastructure is one of the agendas in the trillion-dollar infrastructure plan that’s up for debate in the House of Representatives, but said infrastructure also needs to be protected.

Don’t Let Cybercriminals Ruin your Merger or Acquisition–Follow This Expert’s Advice

Companies are vulnerable to potential cyberthreats during mergers and acquisitions; learn from an expert why and how to reduce security risks during the transition.

Russia, China, Cyber War, and Letters of Marque and Reprisal

Industrial Defender CEO Jim Crowley was featured on this week, discussing the historical precedence for cybersecurity aggression by state actors like Russia and China.

Industrial Defender CEO Jim Crowley Quoted on

Industrial Defender CEO Jim Crowley was featured on this week, discussing how implementing asset visibility and vulnerability management on critical systems can help companies survive ransomware attacks.

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