17th Annual API Cybersecurity Conference

We’re thrilled to be back at the 17th Annual API Cybersecurity Conference for the Oil and Natural Gas Industry!

Don’t miss our speaking spot during the conference, “Shadow OT: What you Don’t Know CAN Hurt You. If you’ve been around the cybersecurity space for a while now, you’ve probably heard the term “Shadow IT”. But did you know that there is an even bigger blind spot inside your operational technology (OT) infrastructure? Oil and gas executives and security practitioners almost always have an incomplete picture of what’s happening at the plant or site level even though these are the critical, moneymaking parts of a business.

This session will outline how security practitioners and executives can shine light on their Shadow OT. We’ll cover:

  1. Different methods for collecting endpoint and network data out of OT environments
  2. How to use that data to create context for threat and incident response
  3. What data executive teams should know
  4. The best formats for sharing OT data internally

Find out more about the API Cybersecurity Conference for the Oil and Natural Gas Industry here.

November 8-9, 2022
The Woodlands, TX
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