Podcast: Episode #38 - Eric Smith: The Importance of Physical Security in Protecting Infrastructure

October 26, 2023

Eric Smith is a dedicated Security Management Consultant and the founder of Business Karate, LLC, a Colorado-based company specializing in security planning and strategic development for organizations. With over a decade of experience in law enforcement, Eric is passionate about aligning security measures with business needs and has transitioned his expertise into healthcare security management, where he focuses on long-term strategic planning and enhancing workplace violence prevention programs. He is also an accomplished author, with his latest book titled "Workplace Security Essentials."

In this episode, Aaron and Eric Smith discuss:

  • The complex landscape of physical security
  • Navigating the intersection of physical and cybersecurity 
  • The importance of organizational culture in promoting security and reporting incidents
  • Integrating AI in physical security

Key Takeaways:

  • Establishing robust security goes beyond physical barriers and gadgets; it's a holistic approach integrating people, processes, and technology, fostered by leadership support and a vigilant workforce, ensuring a proactive, not reactive, security culture.
  • In implementing effective security measures, constant evaluation and willingness to challenge established norms are vital; experienced professionals bring a critical eye, noticing overlooked details like misplaced cameras or flawed staffing strategies, highlighting the need for continuous improvement and outside perspectives.
  • A strong organizational culture, driven from the top down and bolstered by employees' confidence in their security team, is the key to encouraging timely reporting of security incidents, bridging the gap between physical and cyber security realms and ensuring comprehensive protection against potential threats.
  • Empowering employees to be vigilant and proactive in security measures is crucial, as advancements in integrated technologies and AI bring both promising solutions and potential risks, shaping the future of physical and cyber security.

"I think people are really starting to be more aware of the risk of workplace violence. So I think we're going to start seeing more training around that and hopefully good training, not just the kind of pencil-whipping lip service that too often happens, but something that's really going to benefit people that might find themselves in a bad situation at work." — Eric Smith

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