Podcast: Episode #36- Chris Bihary: Tapping Into Packet Level Data in OT

October 12, 2023

Episode 36: Chris Bihary: Tapping Into Packet Level Data in OT

About Chris Bihary: Chris Bihary is the CEO and Co-Founder of Garland Technology, a leading USA-based manufacturer specializing in Network TAPs, Network Packet Brokers, Hardware Data Diodes, and Inline Bypass solutions. With a rich background spanning over 30 years in IT and OT cybersecurity, Chris has fostered collaborative partnerships with tech firms to guarantee robust network performance and security across various industries. His entrepreneurial journey began by owning an IT reseller focused on constructing 9-1-1 call center network infrastructure, sparking his lifelong commitment to ensuring the resilience of all networks.

In this episode, Aaron and Chris Bihary discuss:

  • Leveraging TAPs for independent, reliable, and unintrusive network monitoring
  • Optimizing network security and operational efficiency
  • Exploring the importance of data diodes in critical infrastructure environments
  • Challenges and exciting developments in OT environments

Key Takeaways:

  • Implementing TAPs in OT networks offers a secure, independent, and foolproof method of monitoring critical assets, ensuring 100% packet capture and reducing the risks associated with relying solely on traditional methods like SPAN ports, making it essential for robust and reliable network security.
  • In navigating the complexities of network security, the key lies in strategically deploying purpose-built tools like data diodes and aggregators, ensuring comprehensive packet inspection without overwhelming IT staff; finding the delicate balance between data capture and streamlined management is the linchpin to effective and efficient cybersecurity.
  • Building a secure network foundation, tapping into live data, ensuring compliance without vulnerabilities, and centralizing access are vital for successful tech implementation in critical infrastructures, fostering adaptability and innovation in today's rapidly changing tech landscape.
  • Simplicity and ease of implementation are not just preferences, they're essential requirements; in an industry where awareness is growing, skilled personnel are scarce, and regulations are tightening, the ability to deploy robust, effective solutions quickly and efficiently is the linchpin to securing critical infrastructures worldwide.

"Some really good high tech companies that were never in OT are coming into OT and they're getting their folks trained up. They're educating them and this is super positive for our space. So I'm excited that the awareness is there and more and more people know they have to move forward. More people are getting involved in this space and I'm just looking forward to being part of it and seeing how we can help companies get their network secure, resilient, and reliable, and work with great companies." — Chris Bihary

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