Compliance Reporting

Simplified Compliance Reporting for ICS Environments

Automate manual compliance tasks with a suite of built-in reporting and policy options for a variety of standards.

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How It Works

Our comprehensive OT security platform provides the data you need to prove compliance with your standard. You can even choose from a suite of built-in policies for users, assets and groups.
This information is aggregated into our compliance reporting application, using out-of-the-box templates for all major industry standards, including NERC CIP, NIST, the NIS Directive and ISA/IEC standards.
Configure report subscriptions for non-privileged users to receive reports via email, server share, and SharePoint.

Policy Management Interface

Compliance Reporting Interface

Manage to Your Standard

  • NIST Cybersecurity Framework
  • NIST 800-53
  • 20 CIS Controls
  • ISO Standards
  • ISA 99/IEC 62443
  • NIS Directive
  • NEI
  • C2M2
  • and more

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  • Real-time cyberattack detection and alerting
  • Vulnerability monitoring
  • Automated standards & compliance reporting

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Compliance Guide: NEI 08-09 Cyber Security Plan for Nuclear Power Reactors

The NEI 08-09 Cyber Security Plan for Nuclear Power Reactors is a regulatory standard that was established to protect the health and safety of the public from radiological sabotage as a result of a cyberattack.

Compliance Guide: The NERC CIP Standards

The NERC CIP requirements consist of 12 standards designed to keep the North American Bulk Electric System secure from cyberattacks. Learn how to automate your compliance.

Implementation Guide: The 20 CIS Controls for ICS Cybersecurity

Learn about the 20 CIS controls for ICS cybersecurity according, including cyber risk mitigation, audit success and operational efficiency.