Vulnerability Management

Risk-Based OT Vulnerability Management

Combine accurate OT asset inventory data with the power of NIST’s vulnerability database and ICS-CERT alerts to execute a risk-based vulnerability management program

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How Industrial Defender’s Vulnerability Monitoring Service Works

Our vulnerability monitoring combines Industrial Defender’s asset management capabilities with the accuracy and completeness of NIST’s vulnerability database and ICS-CERT advisories to deliver a current list of all potential vulnerabilities associated with your asset inventory and whether a patch is available for each.

Upload your asset inventory data in the format that works for you.
After the data is normalized, our Vulnerability Prioritization Engine delivers vulnerabilities and patches, mapping them to your assets.
View vulnerabilities and weighted risk in the Immunity by ID application.
A patch plan and tickets are created, and the patch deployment is validated by Immunity.
Immunity by ID continuously monitors your asset inventory for new vulnerabilities.
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Transform Patch & Vulnerability Management with Industrial Defender + FoxGuard Solutions

Access additional vendor-approved data via our strategic partnership
Visualize precisely which assets are missing critical vendor patches or have open vulnerabilities published in vendor feeds
Track patches from release to installation, including a security rating for each

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Watch: FoxGuard + Industrial Defender Integration

Learn how the Industrial Defender + FoxGuard solution combines Industrial Defender’s depth and breadth of ICS asset data collection with FoxGuard’s ability to report, acquire, validate and deploy vendor-approved patch and vulnerability information.



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Infographic: Simplify OEM Patch Management

Learn how Industrial Defender & FoxGuard Solutions can help you figure out what critical vulnerabilities exist, whether the affected devices are in your OT environment, and what patches, if any, are available.

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