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Industrial Defender 7.4 Centralizes Data Collection, Offers Customized Risk Calculations to Secure OT Environments

Introduces Industrial Defender Central Manager (IDCM) and the Industrial Defender Collector (IDC) for centralized OT endpoint and network data collection and management

Foxborough, MA – January 11, 2022 — Industrial Defender, an operational technology (OT) security pioneer, today announced updates to its leading cybersecurity platform to help organizations better secure their OT environments. Industrial Defender version 7.4 offers streamlined data collection capabilities, enhanced APIs and more personalized risk score calculations so teams can better prioritize threats.

Amid the rising number of cyberattacks targeting critical infrastructure, organizations are increasingly looking for more streamlined solutions that will better secure their OT environments to ensure business continuity. With the launch of Industrial Defender 7.4, organizations can more easily collect and share data across siloes via the Industrial Defender Collector, which combines the functionality of active and agentless endpoint monitoring and a network intrusion detection system (NIDS) into a single appliance. Enhanced integrations with partners like Splunk also allow teams to reduce MTTR for cyberthreats in OT environments with centralized threat detection and response.

“Data is the lifeblood of a business’ security strategy. Without a wide-ranging data set that includes information from all different facets of the organization – including OT environments– it is nearly impossible to get a proper view of the potential threats putting the business at risk,” said Peter Lund, Vice President of Product Management, Industrial Defender. “With our latest updates, users can use OT data more holistically to better understand where their weaknesses lie and calculate more personalized endpoint risk scores that’ll help them prioritize what really matters.”

As Industrial Defender continues to enhance and expand its OT data collection and integration capabilities, Industrial Defender Automation Systems Manager (ASM) is now Industrial Defender Central Manager (IDCM) to better reflect the company’s focus on centralizing OT endpoint and network data management. Additional updates and key features for Industrial Defender 7.4 include:

  • Industrial Defender Collector: Combines active, agentless and passive asset inventory methods into a single sensor to streamline and centralize OT data collection.
  • Per Endpoint Risk Calculations: Allows customization of risk profiles on a per asset basis using threat vectors such as unpatched vulnerabilities, security events and health status.
  • Enhanced APIs: Supports complete data exchange via integrations with enterprise tools, including Splunk’s machine learning models.
  • Secure PCAP Replays: Safely replays network traffic within the IDCM to avoid potential disruptions from data overflow onto the OT network.

Industrial Defender version 7.4 will be available to all customers on January 11, 2022.

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