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FoxGuard Integration

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Industrial Defender and FoxGuard® have partnered to deliver an industry-leading cybersecurity solution to address these challenges. The fundamental core of any good security or compliance program is knowing your assets, including their current patch and vulnerability posture, so that you can properly prioritize patching and remediation efforts.

The Industrial Defender + FoxGuard solution combines Industrial Defender’s depth and breadth of ICS asset data collection with FoxGuard’s ability to report, acquire, validate and deploy vendor-approved patch and vulnerability information. This lets users visualize precisely which assets are missing vendor-approved patches or have open vulnerabilities published in vendor-specific feeds from a single screen to make smarter patching decisions.

Industrial Defender in Action

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Management Demo

Industrial Defender safely collects, monitors and manages your OT assets at scale using agent, agentless or passive data collection methods.

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We combine accurate software inventory data with the power of NIST’s vulnerability database and ICS-CERT alerts.

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Industrial Defender enables OT teams to manage configuration rules and monitor for changes in an asset’s configuration. View this demo video to learn how our solution helps you manage configuration changes across your entire OT asset base.

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The ID + Splunk app increases the effectiveness of using Splunk in OT environments by helping analysts to quickly identify and mitigate potential cybersecurity issues.

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Provide the critical data you need to prove compliance with your standard using our pre-built multi-national compliance reports or create your own with our custom reports.

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