See you at S4x23!

February 13-16, 2023 • Loews Hotel, Miami South Beach, FL

We’re excited to return to Miami South Beach and join ICS security leaders at S4x23! We are Prime sponsors and have some exciting activities in store in our private room during the conference so stay tuned for more updates.

We look forward to seeing you! Register your name and organization and we’ll set aside a special gift for you!

Industrial Defender Happy Hour

• S4 Prime Sponsor Room (Sunrise Tellin)
• Monday, February 13
• Time: 4:00PM - 6:00PM

Pick up your badges at 4PM and then swing over to Industrial Defender’s room (Sunrise Tellin) for Happy Hour from 4-6!

Reconnect with friends, the Industrial Defender team and our partners over drinks, demos and good conversation. Also pick up some exclusive SWAG and try to solve our physical CTF!

Informal demos include: OT asset management, deeper level asset data, change and configuration management, vulnerability management, and more.

    Meet with Us! Grab a Snack!

    S4 Prime Sponsor Room (Sunrise Tellin)

    Open Hours:
    Monday 1PM – 7PM (see session times above)
    Tuesday 8AM – 5PM
    Wednesday 8AM – 1PM, 5PM – 8PM
    Thursday 8AM – 1PM

    Capture The Flag

    All week long

    We will have an Industrial Defender flag in the CTF competition, as well as physical CTF puzzles  in our Prime Sponsor Room (Sunrise Tellin)

    Main Stage Talk: OT Data Lakes

    Thursday, February 13 – 11:30-12:00 p.m.
    Greg Valentine, SVP Solutions Engineering