Webinar: Prioritizing Risk Mitigations for Renewable Energy Assets

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Webinar: Prioritizing Risk Mitigations for Renewable Energy Assets

Prioritizing Risk Mitigations for Renewable Energy Assets

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  • Jose Seara
    CEO, DeNexus
  • Jeremy Morgan
    Principal Risk & Solutions Consultant, Industrial Defender
  • George Kalavantis
    COO, Industrial Defender
  • John Cusimano CISSP, GICSP, CFSE
    Vice President of Industrial Cybersecurity, aeSolutions

Many energy companies struggle to prioritize risk management efforts for their renewable energy projects in a financially meaningful way. To do this effectively, cybersecurity teams must first quantify their organization’s risk levels. Successfully assigning a cost to risk begins with understanding everything about the renewable energy assets in your environment, including the criticality of each asset, event and state data, and whether that asset is subject to regulatory requirements like NERC CIP

Using this information, you can forecast how vulnerabilities could affect your organization’s operating income. Management teams can then perform an accurate cost/benefit analysis to prioritize mitigation actions and determine which cybersecurity processes and technologies will deliver the greatest return on investment (ROI).  

During this session, we’ll take you through a quantitative risk management journey for a renewable energy project. You’ll learn how to:

  • Choose a standard to benchmark your risk management program
  • Acquire comprehensive operational technology (OT) asset data using diversified collection methods
  • Perform a cost/benefit analysis to quantify risk and prioritize remediation actions
  • Determine the ROI for various cybersecurity tools and processes