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Operational Efficiency

Operational Efficiency for Industrial Control Systems

Benefit from Industrial Defender ASM’s component and data flow architecture to collect, correlate and report on device data from across the heterogeneous environment.

Achieving operational efficiency for industrial control systems is every bit as essential as security. It is critical to not only ensuring the control system continues to execute its primary mission with optimal efficiency, but to also ensure that operations and IT managers realize significant boosts in their personal efficiency and productivity.

Thanks to its many years working with control systems and critical infrastructure environments, Industrial Defender’s ASM team understands how to design a secure application that has minimal impact on a control system’s primary production activity. Examples of design principles specifically crafted to enhance security while limiting computing resource use include:

  • Always connect up from devices—never down—to ensure device operational integrity.
  • Maintain clearly defined computing zones throughout the control system to help prevent improper boundary traversal.
  • Ensure agents use minimal CPU cycles and allow users to configure asset network bandwidth use.

With respect to the goal of boosting customer efficiency, Industrial Defender designed its ASM solution from the very start with a component and data flow architecture that collects, correlates and reports device data from across the heterogeneous environment. The architecture then ensures that the device data is used in multiple control system management tasks including change management, compliance management, and security event management. By leveraging and automating the use of device data across these tasks, the ASM architecture directly impacts customer efficiency. In fact, one leading power utility reported an 82% reduction in the time required to successfully execute standards compliance activities after deploying the ASM solution.

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Work Automation

Work Automation Suite is an optional feature set that integrates document management and reporting as part of a structured workflow enabling ICS professionals to streamline and eliminate the manual processes associated with change management.
Structured Workflow – Enables operators to initiate a change, define assets that will receive the change, upload related test documents, track progress, and automatically report on progress streamlining the entire process.
Document Management – Provides a central repository for documents related to a change including test documents, configuration files, and approvals, capturing all related information in a single storage container.
Automated Reporting – Leverages the policy management feature set. Reports run automatically based on completion of the change, a defined time, or at a set interval, ensuring you never lose track of and can easily see the impact of a change on cybersecurity requirements.