NERC-CIP Compliance Report Templates for Industrial Defender

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NERC-CIP Compliance Report Templates for Industrial Defender

NERC-CIP Compliance Report Templates for Industrial Defender

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See 40+ NERC-CIP reporting templates included by default in Industrial Defender.

Compliance report management features included in Industrial Defender eliminate the laborious manual task of data collection and report generation, providing a suite of standard reports, including NERC-CIP V3 and V5 reporting packages and a wide range of reports encompassing assets, configuration, firewalls, policy, software and patches, and users.

Report subscriptions can be configured for non-privileged users, allowing them to receive reports via many alternative methods, ensuring the delivery of the most current information to those who need it most.

Reporting modules include:

  • NERC-CIP V3 and V5 compliant documentation — Cover all key elements of your NERC-CIP audit needs, with over 40 NERC-CIP reports, including asset baseline vs. actual and user access reports.
  • Document network controls — Compare changes to ports and services on each asset across your environment, by time interval.
  • Validate software revision and license inventory baseline — Control cost and understand patch levels for internal audit.
  • Document user access controls — Comply with NERC-CIP via password policy.
  • Document user account management — Detail asset access controls and failed login attempts.