Industrial Defender CEO Jim Crowley Quoted on

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Industrial Defender CEO Jim Crowley Quoted on

Industrial Defender CEO Jim Crowley was featured on this week, discussing how implementing asset visibility and vulnerability management on critical systems can help companies survive ransomware attacks.

“Companies also must consider public appearance. Cybercriminals can build profiles of targets using data on public tools like LinkedIn. If you don’t have anyone on your employee list with a cybersecurity background, you may be setting yourself up as a target. Hackers also do their homework and read industry news. If you just acquired a company or sold your company and issued a press release, you can be sure they know too.”

“Having the proper asset awareness allows teams to quickly prioritize patching and mitigation efforts for the open vulnerabilities in their systems. This reduces the risk of being ransomed in the first place. Having a proper understanding of your assets and their configurations will enable faster incident response if you are compromised.”

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