Industrial Defender Announces Strategic Partnership with DeNexus

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Industrial Defender Announces Strategic Partnership with DeNexus

DeNexus Inc., a pioneer in cyber risk modeling, and Industrial Defender Inc., the global leader in automation system management (ASM) for industrial control systems, announced a strategic partnership to mitigate cybersecurity risk in mission-critical networks across the world. This partnership offers clients a holistic solution to assess and reduce the financial implications of their cyber exposure.

The combined technology stack — which includes real-time threat detection, vulnerability management, ROI-based prioritization of security controls, and guidance for risk financing — empowers industrial leaders to maximize their limited time and resources, and focus attention back on core business.

Beyond technology, both companies will leverage each other’s market access and market intelligence across operations in North America, Europe, Middle East, Asia, and Australia. “Joining forces with Industrial Defender markedly accelerates DeNexus’s mission to build a global standard for cyber risk quantification,” said Jose Seara, CEO of DeNexus. “We are now years ahead of expectation in the breadth and diversity of our analytics across industry verticals and geographies.”

“We continue to add features to our product set both through our new releases and through strategic partnerships” said Jim Crowley, CEO of Industrial Defender. “As our customers continue to face increasingly complex security environments, accurately quantifying the financial risk associated with breaches will be critical. Denexus and Industrial Defender’s combined product set are uniquely positioned to address this challenge”

About Industrial Defender: Industrial Defender ASM® solutions delivery cybersecurity, compliance and change management for Industrial Control Systems (ICS). Over the last decade, the organization has successfully developed and delivered a single unified platform to secure and manage heterogeneous control environments for critical infrastructure operations. Our flagship product, Industrial Defender Automated Systems Manager (ASM), has become the de facto standard to ensure the availability and reliability of key industrial processes amid escalating cyber threats, increasing regulatory burdens and accelerating ICS management challenges. Over 400 companies in 25 countries rely on Industrial Defender ASM® Solutions to reduce costs, manage risks and enhance operational excellence.

About DeNexus: DeNexus is the leading provider of cyber risk modelig for industrial networks.   Powered by probabilistic inference and machine learning, DeNexus is the worlds first self-adaptive software platform that predicts where and how breaches are likely to occur in unique client contexts. Fortune 500 companies from power generation to manufacturing to other critical infrastructure and operations use DeNexus’s engine to understand their bespoke cybersecurity economics and optimize their risk0-reduction ROI.