Chemical Processing Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity & Compliance Automation for the Chemical Industry

Chemical process control networks are often comprised of heterogeneous OT systems, making effective cybersecurity and compliance management difficult. Our solution helps chemical companies achieve a unified view of control system security and automate manual compliance tasks.
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Solution Benefits for the Chemical Industry


Centralize Security Management

Our centralized solution for asset management, risk scoring, vulnerability monitoring, and anomaly detection consolidates OT security tasks into a single application.
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Reduce Unplanned Downtime

Real-time system monitoring of asset health status helps improve predictive maintenance efforts to reduce unplanned downtime.

Manage to Your Standard

Automated workflows, policy management and compliance reporting help teams align with their preferred standard, including NIST, ISA 99/IEC 62443 and CFATS.
  • L1/2: Controllers and I/O Room
  • L3.5: Plant administration
  • L0: Equipment
  • L3: Control Room
  • L4: Corporate HQ
  • Ensure Security, Reliability and Compliance for Process Control Systems



    Achieving a unified view of control system security, improving predictive maintenance and automating manual compliance tasks.


    Our process control system cybersecurity platform helps chemical companies solve these challenges with comprehensive asset management and security monitoring, real-time asset health monitoring and built-in compliance reporting templates.

    “With Industrial Defender, we were able to improve operational efficiency, better protect our process control systems against threats and meet our compliance obligations.”

    OT Security Manager at Fortune 500 Chemical Company


    Protecting Critical Process Control Networks

    Learn how Industrial Defender helped a Fortune 500 chemical company improve the visibility and health of a growing process control network (PCN).


    • Improve visibility into process control system networks and management
    • Create and implement a measurable security monitoring program
    • Ensure continued compliance with Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS)


    • Defense-in-Depth® security program
    • Remote monitoring of process control system
    • Improved predictive maintenance
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    Case Study: Cybersecurity for Chemical Manufacturing

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